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Favorable policy set off a new wave of investment in Haikou Investment consulting volume doubled

 Date:2020/6/18 0:44:20  Views:

        Since the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council officially released the Overall Plan for Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port on June 1, 2020, more and more domestic and foreign investors hope to invest and promote business in Hainan to share the new development opportunity and the new reforming achievements. It is known that since the release of the Overall Plan for Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, a total of 1,938 investment consulting calls to the “Investment in Haikou” global service hotline “4000-750-780” and the investment promotion telephones of various districts and parks at home and abroad have been received, and a total of 840 customers have been received in all departments, districts and parks of Haikou.

        Haikou, as the capital city of Hainan, has attracted businessmen from around the world with its unique geographical advantage, first-class ecological environment, solid industrial foundation and favorable investment environment, thus rapidly setting off a new wave of investment in Haikou, with a continuous stream of investment consulting visitors and calls.

        “Are there preferential policies for developing high-tech industry in Haikou?” “What are the supporting policies for enterprises established in Jiangdong New Area in Haikou?” “What are the policies in Haikou on talent introduction?” Consulting businessmen involve domestic companies, Fortune 500 companies, self-employed entrepreneurs, leading enterprises and others, and the problems consulted involve various fields such as airport economic, financial, manufacturing, high-tech, financing and leasing fields.

        Chen Liangzi, main responsible person of Haikou International Investment promotion Agency, said that since the release of the Overall Plan for Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, the number of visitors and hotline consulting calls has nearly doubled, compared with that before. Most of them are consulting about the investment promotion preferential policies, investment environment, park access conditions and other contents of Haikou, and all of them have very strong investment intent. “While well receiving the consulting visitors, we will actively provide the whole industrial chain services, ensuring that the investors can easily enjoy a full range of services from the preliminary negotiations, the establishment of companies and the implementation of projects and that enterprises can investment easily and immediately.

        It is known that since this year, Haikou has held a Free Trade Port Investment Promotion Introduction Meeting (Beijing Session), China (Haikou) Free Trade Port Aviation Industrial Development Forum, Free Trade Port Whole Industrial Investment Service Platform “Online Signing” Ceremony, Haikou Trade Symposium and Investment Promotion Exchange Meeting (corporate aircraft and yacht in Shenzhen Session) and other investment promotion activities, and organized several centralized signing activities, with the agreed investment of about 17 billion yuan, covering 12 key industries such as education, Internet, new and high technology, modern services and medical health. (End)