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Function well as the “Waiter”! Haikou keeps on improving its business environment to resolve problems for headquarters enterprises

 Date:2020/8/13 0:45:56  Views:

“I did not think that the registration of alteration would be completed so quickly,” Zhao Na, administrative director of the Hainan Province-based headquarters enterprise Hainan Taizhong Materials Industry Group Co., Ltd., said with excitement on the morning of August 30.

Environment is the competitiveness and also the productivity. Currently, Haikou keeps on optimizing its business environment, and municipal-level departments work together to function well as the “Dian Xiaoer” (waiter in English), and to open the green channel and resolve problems for enterprises. In addition, Haikou adopted measures like transaction with incomplete documents, which received warm welcome from enterprises and the masses.

Department coordination, and praiseworthy considerate services.

In December, 2018, Taizhong Group, China Huneng Group, and Yankuang Group signed a strategic agreement with Haikou Municipal Government for development of headquarters economy. Taizhong Group kept on deepening its investment and operation in Hainan Province, and founded Yankuang (Hainan) Smart Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. and Hainan International Energy Exchange through equity participation. In June, this year, Taizhong Group moved its headquarters into Jiangdong New Area.

“Recently, we are negotiating on an international investment deal, and need to introduce overseas shareholders, in addition to increasing the investment by US$ 100 million,” Zhao Na said while being interviewed, and she noted that since the business is imminent, the registration of alteration must be completed immediately, or the company’s next plan will be influenced and loss will be inflicted on the company. After being informed of the headquarters enterprise’s appeal, Haikou International Investment Promotion Bureau played its role of being the “Waiter” for enterprises: it coordinated with the Haikou Municipal Administration for Market Regulation in real time, which subsequently arranged special personnel to conduct preliminary audit to application materials. That saved time for the follow-up formal transaction of procedures.

Transaction with incomplete documents, and optimization of business environment

On the early morning of August 30, Xu Buyao, vice head of the Enterprise Service Department of Haikou Investment Promotion Bureau, assisted Hainan Taizhong Materials Industry Group Co., Ltd. in transacting the alteration procedures and provided the one-stop services at Haikou Municipal Government Affairs Service Center.

Pursuant to relevant provisions, the enterprises, before registration of alteration, shall submit the original of subject qualification certificate, but it takes some time to mail the original. In view of the enterprise’s practical difficulties, the Commercial Registration Service Window of Haikou Municipal Government Affairs Service Center, based on the principle of facilitating enterprises and actively cultivating favorable business environment, took fully into account the enterprise’s emergencies and determined to adopt the measure of transaction with incomplete documents: the enterprise was permitted to submit the photocopy on the premise that it was unable to provide the original of subject qualification certificate, and the Commercial Registration Service Window first transacted the photocopy and then completed the registration and filing after the original arrived.

“Thank you very much! We can open foreign currency capital account at the bank, and the first lot of capital might be transmitted into the account on the same day”, Zhao Na was very happy when she received the new license. “Business environment in Haikou is very good, and the service is satisfying, and relevant departments give strong supports in terms of company registration and tax discount, so we have full faith in the company’s development.”


Professional team for meeting corporate needs

“As an investment promotion department, we should know that if the enterprise successfully settled down here, it is by no means the end, and we should do well the follow-up services”, Xu Buyao noted that relevant departments like Haikou Investment Promotion Bureau and Haikou Municipal Administration for Market Regulation coordinate well with one another, in an effort to function well as the “Waiter” for enterprises, provide enterprises with trade and investment convenience services for their business development, and make them invest, do business, and develop in a reassured, easy, and pleased manner.

Centering on headquarters enterprises, Haikou has established the Joint Meeting System for Promoting Development of Headquarters Economy, set up a series of special departments for headquarters enterprises, and built a professionalized team to serve and develop the headquarters economy. Each month, the professionalized team visited the enterprises to locate and resolve their difficulties. 


Haikou will refine on its “12345+Business Service” mechanism to provide enterprises with all-around and multidimensional services, assist enterprises in resolving practical difficulties and problems, and foster the first-class law-based, internationalized and convenient business environment for development of Hainan Free Trade Port.