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Fullsing Internet Industrial Park

Fullsing Internet Industrial Park is an industrial park constructed on the model of “provincial, municipal and district governments + private enterprises” in line with the national strategies of “Internet+” and “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”. It is invested, constructed and operated by Hainan Fullsing Town Industrial Park Investment Management Co., Ltd., and consists of the Fullsing Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base in District 1 and Fullsing International Digital Port in District 2. The park is positioned as a leading area of the Hainan Free Trade Port, a gathering area of digital economic headquarters, and a demonstration area of cross-border data flow. Led by the digital economy industry and supported by headquarters economy and human resources, Fullsing Internet Industrial Park focuses on the development of four major industrial eco-chains: digital trade (cross-border data flow, cross-border e-commerce, game export), intelligent IoT (integrated circuits, digital health, smart cities), international headquarters (headquarters for Chinese companies going global, headquarters for international companies coming in, trade headquarters), and professional services (fund investment, human resources, innovation incubation).

Fullsing Internet Industrial Park has been recognized as a national cultural export base, a national offshore innovation and entrepreneurship base for overseas talents, a national technology enterprise incubator, and as more than ten other national carriers and platforms. In 2022, the park was officially listed as the Haikou Branch of the China (Hainan) Human Resources Service Industry Park and the China (Haikou) Entrepreneurship Park for Overseas Chinese Returnees. World-leading enterprises such as Alibaba, TikTok, Xiaomi, Schneider, and Tesla have established operations in the park. In 2021, its operating revenue surpassed the 100-billion-yuan mark, ranking second among the 13 key parks of the Hainan Free Trade Port. In 2022, its revenue exceeded 140 billion yuan, and its tax revenue totaled over 7.5 billion yuan.

Development goals

To create a cluster of international digital economy headquarters and an international offshore innovation and entrepreneurship base.


  • Intelligent IoT: chips and components / sensors / 5G /Internet of vehicles / artificial intelligence

  • Digital trade: cross-border data flow / cross-border e-commerce / digital content / digital service outsourcing

  • Financial technology: blockchain / payment and settlement, etc.

  • International chain innovation and entrepreneurship