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Haikou Jiangdong New Area

Haikou Jiangdong New District is located on the east coast of Haikou, with Dongzhai Port in the east, Nandu River in the west, the east coastline in the north, and Phase II Haikou Ring Expressway and the Provincial Highway 212 in the south. With a total planned coverage of 298 km2, Jiangdong New Area is composed of an east ecological functional area and a west industrial integration area. Covering a land area of about 106 km2, the east ecological functional area is home to the 33-km2 Dongzhaigang National Mangrove Nature Reserve, the largest mangrove wetland in China. The west industrial integration area, which is about 192 km2, includes the Airport Economy Zone, the Coastal Central Business Center (CBD), the Riverside International Vitality Center, the Cultural Exchange Cluster, the Comprehensive Service Cluster, the Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cluster, and the Higher Education and Scientific Research Cluster, and conveys an integrated urban-rural mix with “one port, two centers, four clusters, ten streams, a hundred cozy villages, a thousand hectares of wetland and thousands of mu of orchards”.

With the “4 + X” (“4” refers to aviation, new finance, premium consumer goods, digital intelligence, and “X” refers to export-oriented services) as pillar industries, Jiangdong New District focuses on export-oriented headquarters economy, takes the airport economy as the core trigger, makes breakthroughs in extending the value chain of foreign trade, empowers the complementary chains of new financial and digital intelligence, plans for the premium consumer goods expo parks worldwide, and strives to build a demonstration of the modern service industry.


  • · A demonstration of opening-up and cooperation of the modern service industry

  • · an exhibition area of Hainan FTP

  • · an innovation of pilot zones for furthering all-round reform and opening up

  • · a display of national eco-friendly pilot zones

  • · a service zone for implementing China’s major strategies

  • · an experience zone of international tourist consumption


During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, Jiangdong New Area will focus on the “4+X” industrial mix to build a cluster of modern service industries.

  • Airport economy: air transportation / business jet & navigation / airport logistics / aviation maintenance

  • New finance: new international offshore trade / financial leasing / supply-chain finance / offshore insurance / funds

  • Digital Intelligence: 5G application / blockchain / big data / cloud computing.

  • Premium consumer goods: creative design / product trade / processing & retails of premium consumer goods

  • “X”: export-oriented services