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Haikou Comprehensive Bonded Zone

Haikou Comprehensive Bonded Zone is the first comprehensive bonded zone in Hainan, the main pilot zone and “incubator” for policies relating to the Hainan Free Trade Port, and an important platform for Hainan’s opening up and cooperation with the outside world. It has jurisdiction over caused by three areas: Jinpan, Old Town, and Airport.

By making full use of the double preferential policies as “a part of free trade port + a comprehensive bonded zone” and actively expanding the pilot implementation effect of the import and export management regulations that “free flow through the first line and efficient control at the second line”, Haikou Comprehensive Bonded Zone has been focusing on the development of duty-free goods, international trade, advanced manufacturing, modern logistics, aviation maintenance and other specialty industries, and it has ranked among the 100-billion-yuan parks and been approved to build a 100-billion-yuan cluster of premium consumer goods trade and processing industries. Seven domestic duty-free licensed enterprises including CDF have set up operation headquarters or logistics supply chain centers in Haikou Comprehensive Bonded Zone. A number of iconic foreign investment projects, such as LVMH, Estee Lauder, De Beers, Bulgari, Tapestry, Bolloré and Swire Coca-Cola, have been introduced into the zone; and well-known logistics enterprises including Kerry EAS, SF, Cainiao, Bondex, and East Top, operate more than 300,000 km2 of imported consumer good warehouses in the zone. The industrial cluster in Haikou Comprehensive Bonded Zone has basically taken shape.

Based on duty-free goods and international trade, Haikou Comprehensive Bonded Zone makes full use of the policy that “products originating from Hainan, including imported intermediary products whose added value exceeds 30 percent after domestic processing, are exempt from taxes when entering the rest of China” and the “the double 15% cap on tax rate for eligible professionals and enterprises”. It strives to create a processing and manufacturing industry cluster and lead the high-quality development of the regional real economy by guiding enterprises such as De Beers Jewelry, Fosun Pharma, CCGB and Joiva Group to carry out high-value-added processing and manufacturing business of jewelry and diamonds, household medical equipment and high-end foodstuffs.

Development goals

Haikou Comprehensive Bonded Zone adopts import and export management regulations that “free flow through the first line and efficient control at the second line” to expand pilots, gives full play to the double preferential policies as a special customs supervision area and a part of the free trade port, continues to focus on imported consumer goods, advanced manufacturing, international trade and other directions, and strives to create a promising land featuring the “comprehensive bonded system + advanced manufacturing” for industrial development.


  • Imported consumer goods

  • Advanced manufacturing

  • International trade

  • Modern logistics

  • Financial leasing

  • Bonded aviation maintenance

  • Aviation materials trade