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Flowchart for Talent Service (Talent Qualification)
  • Individuals apply to the employer (Talents of Categories A, B, C, D and E)

  • The employer verifies the application document, makes a recommendation and stamps it with an official seal Online application

    1.Login to the website of “Hainan Government Service”

    2.Select “Registration of legal person”

    3.Select “Talent Matters-related Service”

    4.Select “Online processing”

    5.Select “Acceptance unit”

  • Acceptance of applications to be processed

    1.One-time notification of missing information

    2.Denial of applications that do not meet the conditions

  • The unit with the qualification authority (acceptance unit and each functional department) reviews application materials

    A notification will be given to the applicant failing the review and  application materials will be returned to such applicant

  • 1.Talents of Categories D and E who meet relevant requirements will be qualified directly and the list of qualified talents will be submitted to Hainan Talent Service Center for record
    2.The opinions and application materials concerning the qualification of talents of Categories A, B and C who meet relevant requirements will be submitted to the Hainan Talent Service Center for record

  • After the qualification is completed, the result will be submitted to “acceptance unit” for closure

  • Record by Hainan Talent Service Center

  • Hainan Talent Service Center will grant Hainan FTP High-Level Talent Certificate and Tianya Talent Cards to eligible talents of Categories A, B, C, D and E