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Application Handling Flowchart
  • Application Handling Flowchart

  • The employer applies online for notification of foreigners' work permit and uploads the required documents.

  • Pre-examination at window  (1 working day)

    The non-compliance of online application information with relevant requirements is notified one time and returned, and after all required information are submitted, the application will be approved and passed

  • Acceptance at window (1 working day)

  • Primary review (1 working day)

  • Acceptance upon decision (1 working day)

  • After the employer downloads and prints the Notification of Foreigners’ Work Permit in the application system, the employer can apply for Visa Z or R at the embassy

    Online application website: Government Service Platform of Ministry of Science and Technology
    Offline application address:
    1. Comprehensive window for foreigners’ work service A21-23 in the Administrative Service Hall on the first floor of Citizen Visitor Center, No.1 Binhai Park Road, Longhua District, Haikou City
    Work Permit Window (Foreign Affairs Bureau): C04; Tel. : 6675 0650
    Residence Permit Window (Exit and Entry Administration): C01 and C02; Tel.:6673 3110
    2. Foreigners’ Work Permit (Fullsing), No.32 Binhai Avenue, Longhua District, Haikou City; Telephone of Service Station : 0898-36661820

  • The applicant shall apply for the work permit online and submit the paper materials within 15 days after entry into the country (if the applicant is selected for the relevant domestic talent program, he/she is not required to submit the paper materials)

  • Review of materials

    4 working days (5 working days for foreign high-end talents)

  • If the application is approved, a decision on granting a work permit will be made and the employer will be notified to collect the Foreigner Work Permit. If the application is not approved, a decision on not granting the work permit will be made and the reasons will be notified

  • The review and approval procedure comes to an end

  • The information concerning the work permit will be exchanged to the departments of public security, and residence and other information will be fed back

(Supplementary offline address):

Contact Information of Service Sites for Foreigners’ Work Permit in China